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About Us

#What we Do

We gather information users need and become a help to them. Thousands of people today want to live, study abroad. Today we establish to help them reach their goals. No matter the site you visit, will not be compared to Canaportal.com. 

We are In’t EduHub

Helping to change the world better

My Canaportal.com is the number one Canadian website that gathers information all over the world. We based on Visa applications from different countries, Scholarships, insurance, health, etc. We run a mini advert for those who want to promote their product on the blog/website. Most people find it difficult to study abroad or find a job overseas. We are here to help you.


A leadership team with a vision

Contrary to popular belief, Canaportal is not just getting info from other sites but we generate information you need in a piece of classical details.


We have been into this line for 10 years now and yearly, we keep on building a unique website that will educate more on what you’re searching for. So far we build a scholarship site, an Online visa website that allows you to apply for online visas or scholarships.

Senior Instructor

Asst. Professor

We also have over 5 assistance professors who offer info on daily basis without getting tired. In as much as thousands of people are finding solutions to their problems, we add more workers to reach your aim.