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Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Canada 🍁 : How to Book Your Trip

Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Canada

Planning a trip from Nigeria to Canada? Here’s a guide on how to get a flight ticket from Nigeria to Canada or book your flight ticket, choose the right airports, and obtain the necessary travel documents for a smooth travel experience.

Traveling from Nigeria to Canada can be a long and exciting journey. However, before embarking on this adventure, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary travel documents and that you have booked your flight ticket well in advance.

Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Canada

Choosing Your Departure and Arrival Airports

The first step in booking a flight ticket from Nigeria to Canada is to choose your departure and arrival airports. Major airports in Nigeria include Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS) in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV) in Abuja. Major airports in Canada include Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL).

Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Canada

When choosing your airports, consider the distance from your location, the availability of flights to your destination, and the convenience of the airport. For example, if you’re traveling from Lagos, you might prefer to depart from Murtala Muhammed International Airport as it’s closer to your location. Similarly, if you’re traveling to Vancouver, you might prefer to arrive at Vancouver International Airport as it’s the main airport in the city.

Searching for Flights

Once you have chosen your departure and arrival airports, the next step is to search for flights. There are many airlines that operate flights from Nigeria to Canada, including Air Canada, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates. You can search for flights on airline websites or on travel booking websites like Expedia or Kayak.

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When searching for flights, consider the travel dates, the number of stops or layovers, and the airline’s reputation for safety and customer service. Some airlines may offer direct flights, while others may require a layover in another city. Direct flights can be more expensive but can save time and hassle compared to flights with layovers.

Comparing Prices and Booking Your Flight

Once you have found some flights, compare the prices and select the one that fits your budget. Be sure to check for any additional fees or taxes that may be added to the ticket price.

When booking your flight, make sure to double-check your travel dates and personal details before making the booking. Some airlines may require additional information, such as passport numbers, visa details, or contact information.

Obtaining Necessary Travel Documents

Before your trip, make sure to obtain all the necessary travel documents, including a passport, visa (if required), and any other documentation required by the airline or the Canadian government. Nigeria citizens require a visa to enter Canada.

Additionally, make sure to check the entry requirements for Canada, such as any travel restrictions or quarantine requirements due to COVID-19.

Preparing for Your Trip

Make sure to pack all the necessary items for your trip, including any medications, travel adapters, and clothing suitable for the weather in Canada. Remember to arrive at the airport on time for your flight, at least two hours before departure for international flights.

Canada Airports for Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Canada

Canada has several major international airports that serve as important hubs for air travel in the country. Here are some of the major airports in Canada:

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

    located in Toronto, Ontario, this is the busiest airport in Canada and serves as the main hub for Air Canada and WestJet.

  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

    located in Vancouver, British Columbia, this is the second-busiest airport in Canada and a major gateway to the Asia-Pacific region.

  • MontrΓ©al-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)

    located in Montreal, Quebec, this airport is a hub for Air Canada and a major gateway to Europe.

  • Calgary International Airport (YYC)
    located in Calgary, Alberta, this airport is a hub for WestJet and a major gateway to the Rocky Mountains and Western Canada.
  • Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

    located in Edmonton, Alberta, this airport is a hub for Flair Airlines and a major gateway to Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

  • Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)

    located in Ottawa, Ontario, this airport is the sixth-busiest in Canada and serves as the main gateway to the national capital region.

  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)

    located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this airport is a hub for Air Canada and a major gateway to Atlantic Canada and the Maritimes.

There are also several other international airports in Canada, such as Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG), QuΓ©bec City Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB), and St. John’s International Airport (YYT), among others.

How Long Will it Take to Arrive in Canada from Lagos

The duration of a flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Canada will depend on the specific departure and arrival airports in both countries, as well as the airline and routing chosen. However, as an approximate estimate, a nonstop flight from Lagos to Toronto, Canada can take around 12-14 hours, while a nonstop flight from Lagos to Vancouver, Canada can take around 15-17 hours.

Keep in mind that these are approximate durations and may vary depending on several factors such as the weather, the specific airline, and the routing chosen. Additionally, if you have a layover or connecting flight, the overall travel time will be longer.

It’s always a good idea to check with the airline you plan to book with for more specific information on the duration of their flights from Lagos to Canada.

How Much is from Lagos to Canada

The cost of a flight ticket from Lagos, Nigeria to Canada can vary depending on several factors such as the airline, travel dates, time of year, and how far in advance the ticket is booked. Generally, the cost of a round-trip ticket can range from approximately $900 to $2,000 USD or more.

However, it’s important to note that prices are subject to change and can fluctuate depending on various factors. It’s recommended to check with different airlines and travel booking websites to compare prices and find the best deal. Additionally, booking your ticket well in advance can often result in lower prices compared to last-minute bookings.


Booking a flight ticket from Nigeria to Canada requires careful planning and consideration. By choosing the right departure and arrival airports, searching for flights, comparing prices, and obtaining the necessary travel documents, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Remember to check for any travel restrictions or COVID-19-related requirements before your trip and always follow safety guidelines when traveling.

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